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Life Mel is the result of over thirty years’ research and has been specially developed to provide the benefits of honey enhanced by feeding the bees with selected herbs. Life Mel is made by honey bees fed on a specially formulated diet which includes selected herbs such as Siberian Ginseng, Echinacea and Uncaria Tomentosa. Life Mel is natural product and no ingredients are added after extraction from the hive. For more research and information visit. 

  The story of Life Mel begins with research in the 1970s by Dr Alexander Goroshit, then a student microbiologist, as to why, in a small town in Russia, beekeepers and their families remained healthy despite a local cholera epidemic. This unusual finding fascinated Dr Alexander, and after finishing medical school he went to work as a researcher and teacher in a microbiology faculty where he enlisted the support of his students to undertake further research into bees, honey and the beneficial effects of herbs. Further research showed that over the centuries beekeepers have discovered that the food consumed by the bees affects the properties of the honey they produce. Dr Alexander’s study of herbs showed him that the key properties are sourced from the leaves, roots, stem etc and not the flower. Thus to create a honey product which contained these properties he needed to develop another way to feed the bees. Dr Alexander spent his time working with experts to develop a method to feed the bees with the desired herb parts to facilitate the development of a honey bee product which contained the beneficial properties of a special blend of key herbs. In the 1990s Dr Alexander emigrated to Israel and with the help of state funding there, continued his research into the remarkable results of feeding bees different selections of herbs. In time, he went on to develop different products made by honey bees. As Dr Alexander concludes “the rest is history.”
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